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Glasgow Architecture

Lots of interesting articles about Glasgow architecture on this site. ,

Architecture by Gerry Blaikie

Gerry is interested in Scottish Architecture and this site will link you to others which show buildings past and present as drawn by Gerry Blaikie.  There are quite a few  Glasgow buildings and his particular interest is Carnegie Libraries and the architecture found around the Cathcart Circle.

Clyde Waterfront Regeneration

  The Clyde Waterfront is the single most significant urban renewal project in Scotland at the  moment . The 15 year plan is to regenerate the riverside and transform it for the benefit of the people and communities at its heart.  Find out more about the latest developments at ,

John Cooper Photography

This guy takes wonderful photographs, which can be purchased from him.  Take a look at the wonderful, atmospheric photos of Glasgow.  

http://John Cooper Photography ,

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Glasgow—City of Sculpture

This site is the result of 20 years of research and as well as discussing the wealth of statues and sculptures in Glasgow, it provides biographies of many of the  creators of these structures.  Site maintained by Tim Gardner.  Gary Nisbet is the expert at the heart of this project. ,

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Skyscraper City—Glasgow forum

A forum for discussion of what is happening in Glasgow as regards demolitions, newbuilds and general chat about Glasgow buildings. ,

Dictionary of Scottish Architects

A database providing biographical information and job lists for all architects known to have worked in Scotland in the period 1840—1940, searchable by name or location of architect, practice, or building as well as by client.

Dictionary of Scottish architects ,

Allan and Ferguson’s views in Glasgow 1843 (part of the University of Glasgow’s Special Collections)

Superb engraved views of Glasgow, each plate can be viewed on this site. ,

Glasgow’s Theatres

This site lists all the theatres in Glasgow, past and present, shows on a map where they were/are and gives a write-up on each one.  Brilliant! ,

Scottish Cinemas

Another wonderful cinemas site, charting past, present and future.  This link will take you directly to the Glasgow page, but you can investigate cinemas in many other cities and towns as well as archives, news and much more...


The Clydeport site has some information about the docks they operate on the West Coast of Scotland, including Glasgow.  Many of these ports are under redevelopment.


Clydeport ,

1938 Empire Exhibition

2008 marks the 70th anniversary of the exhibition, held at Bellahouston Park, which showed the best of Scottish industry and architecture, but whose promise was unfortunately unfulfilled due to the events in Europe which led to WWII.  This link takes you to an architects site, on which Andy McMillan shares his memories and thoughts on the exhibition.





This link features people’s memories of the 1938 exhibition


1938 Empire Exhibition

Bath Street

Cinema Treasures


This is an appears to be an American site, but it features ’Glasgow’  From there you can get loads of information on cinemas old and new in Glasgow, their current status, architects etc..

Glasgow Cinemas

Architectural Image


Wonderful pictures of many iconic Glasgow buildings, old and new.


Architectural Images