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Electric Scotland

Created in Scotland, run from the USA and operated in Canada, this site has pretty much a bit of everything. ,

Hidden Glasgow 

This site has forums and chat rooms devoted to issues involving Glasgow.  You are free to browse or to register to join in and have your opinion heard ,

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Postcards of Glasgow

Old postcards showing Glasgow scenes of yesteryear.  Ignore the domain name—these are Glasgow postcards! ,

Buffalo Bill in Glasgow

Tom Cunningham has researched the visits to Glasgow of Buffalo Bill Cody and his Wild West Show and has now written a second book on the subject of Buffalo Bill in Scotland.  This link will take you to the website on this subject.  Interesting reading…….


Buffalo Bill ,

The Glasgow Barras and Barrowland Ballroom

This links to the official website for both these Glasgow ‘institutions’. ,

The Glasgow Apollo

Once Green’s Playhouse Cinema, famous for it’s Golden Divans, then renamed the Apollo—the premier music venue for bands on tour; the building was not reprieved and the space is now home to a large, multi-screen cinema complex.  But the echoes of the Apollo live on!

Great Western Auctions

 Many of you will know of auctioneer Anita Manning from TV shows like Bargain Hunt and Flog It.  Well, this is her auction house in Glasgow.  The thing about Great Western Auctions is that it’s not only about Rolex watches or Faberge eggs, there are also quirky and unusual wee lots to be had and plenty of Glasgow interest.

Glesga Pals

 This is a site devoted to all things Glasgow.  There is something for everyone, including transport, cinemas, streets and schools. ,

North Parish Washing Green Society

 Established in 1792, this is a charity for the Relief of the Poor on the North side of the City.  They don’t have their own website yet, but this link will take you to a page with information about them on the Piggery Brae site (*see more below). ,

Piggery Brae

 *  A Scottish Folk Band from Cambuslang (see their site for an explanation of the name!)  A great band who give up lots of their time for charity concerts etc.  See their site for a list of their engagements and details of what they do. ,


 That’s correct, the wee sweetie shop at the Barras, that seems to have been there forever.  It’s probably where the Picts bought their sweeties!  Seriously, though, all your favourite sweeties are there and this is their website.

Fridges of Partick

 Yes, you read it correctly—this is a light-hearted blog, stories spun around abandoned food-preservation enablers which have been left abandoned on the pavements of Partick to await their uplift and transportation to the white goods graveyard.

Urban Glasgow

 This is a forum for anyone who is a lover of urban exploration of Glasgow.  It features Demolitions and Development, Glasgow from the Past, as well as Urban Adventures and much more.



There is also a unique and seldom seen collection of archive pictures of Glasgow through the decades

Glasgow Memorabilia

 Robert Pool has collected literally thousands of examples of Glasgow ephemera. businesses,  badges, coins and medals and photographs.  His collection is divided into sets and this link will take you to that page.  Choose the set you are interested in, there are loads to look at….

Glasgow USA

 You may already have read of Mike Slavin’s quest to visit every Glasgow in the USA.  Follow this link to view his blog of his travels and wish him well in his endeavour.

IRN-BRU  _ A.G. Barrs Plc

 For those of you who don’t know, Irn Bru is a Scottish soft drink.  Until very recently it outsold Coca-Cola in Scotland, and may still do.  It is bright orange in colour and very sweet and I love it, as do most Scots, I think.  It also has a secret formula, known to only two people at any one time.  This tells the history of the company who make it, Barrs….


Barr's Irn Bru

Wikipedia Glasgow Apollo

Glasgow Guide


This site has everything you may need— it features museums, hotels, shops and has fun games and quizzes, as well as a wealth of information.    There are also lots of photos and a forum where you can discuss all things Glasgow.

Greens of Glasgow

 The Greens were a family of travelling fairground showmen.  George Green settled in Glasgow and became involved in cinemas—start to sound familiar?? 

Greens playhouse

Secret Scotland

 This is a Wiki—inspired site which charts the remains of secret, hidden or otherwise notable points of interest around Scotland.  There are quite a few in Glasgow and the surrounding areas.


Secret Scotland