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The Southern Necropolis  -   History Resurrected     

Mr Colin Mackie,  is an enthusiastic researcher on the Southern Necropolis.   Visit his interesting site at

The Britannia/Panopticon Theatre

Judith Bowers has worked hard to get this old Theatre/Music Hall in the very heart of Glasgow preserved and restored.  This is where Stan Laurel started his career and the theatre was once owned by A.E.Pickard.  The Panopticon was one of the subjects of the first series of 'Restoration'.  Follow the progress at

The Tall Ship

The  Glenlee is now restored and ready for boarding at the new Glasgow Transport Museum.  Step aboard this fine old sailing ship and learn her history. Also available for events, visit the website at

Arlington Baths

  Britain's oldest surviving private Swimming Club ,

Glasgow Museums

  Entry to all of Glasgow’s museums is free and what a selection Glasgow has!  Have a look at this site and be spoilt for choice...

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Glasgow Police Museum

 This museum charts the Glasgow Police from the very beginning (This was the first UK police force) and there are many interesting artefacts, including old uniforms and equipment and stories of bravery from those who upheld the law.



Glasgow Police Museum

Glasgow Green

 A short history of Glasgow Green, one of Scotlands oldest and most historic parks—don’t forget to visit the People’s Palace Museum if you go to the Green—and see the wonderful Doulton Fountain!


Glasgow Green

The Tron Theatre

On Argyle Street, once an historic Church and now a theatre venue for performance and events, the Tron Theatre history and current events are to be found in this link.


Tron Theatre

Glasgow University

Originally on the High Street, Glasgow University moved to Gilmorehill in 1870.  The University was founded in 1451.  Some of the buildings were moved from the High Street and re-erected at Gilmorehill.  The University is  beautiful and well worth a visit.  This link takes you to the Visitors page.



Glasgow University

Regeneration of Glasgow’s docks

A couple of pages from the BBC site giving a factsheet and showing the new buildings and sights around the regenerated docks area that you can go and see for yourself...



Glasgow Residents Network—Calton Weavers

This link takes you to the page about the Calton weavers and the fight by locals to save the graveyard in Abercromby Street, Calton.  Follow the link for more information.

Calton Weavers

Glasgow City Chambers

A wonderful, impressive Victorian building.  It dominates George Square in the centre of the city.  Built into it’s walls are the standards by which tradesmen had to check the tools of their trade, but the inside is a marvel of marble and etched glass and woodwork.  A tour is well worth the effort.


City Chambers

Glasgow Art Club

An historical Club, the Gallery here was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh.  Although a private Club, it is open to the public and hosts exhibitions and displays and also is available as a venue for weddings and functions.  See the site for details.

National Trust Properties

There are many beautiful properties in and around Glasgow worth a visit.




A bit about the Tenement House...

National Trust Scotland

Pollok House

The Merchant’s House

One of the oldest and most important bodies in the City of Glasgow and worth a visit.

Merchant's House

The Trades Hall

Designed by Robert Adam and still used for it’s original purpose, as a meeting place for the Trades House of 14 incorporated crafts, the Trades Hall  can be booked for events.  Tours can be taken around this historic building.

Trades Hall

Pollokshaws Burgh Hall


An A listed building still in constant use—visit this site for the history of the hall and events taking place there.

Tenement House

Pollokshaws Burgh Hall

Maryhill Burgh Hall


Recently upgraded and renovated for the 2014 Commonwealth Games, it now has a state-of-the-art fitness centre and pool; but is also well worth a visit to see the stunning refurbished stained glass panels and the new panels installed opposite them.

Maryhill Burgh Halls