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These photographs were kindly provided by Ian Cunningham

Glasgow, 1920-1970

Glasgow, Empire Exhibition 1938

Glasgow, In the 20th Century

Glasgow, Slum housing

Let Glasgow Flourish

Old Glasgow 1

Old Glesga' Pubs

A Century of George Square

22 Park Circus, Glasgow

A Glasgow Timeline Part 1

A Glasgow Timeline Part 2

A Glasgow Timeline Part 3

Auld Buildings of Glasgow 1

Auld Buildings of Glasgow 2

Auld Buildings of Glasgow 3

The Glasgow Underground Song

The Jeely Piece Song

If you park your car in the Buchanan Galleries car park, don’t miss the Glasgow Wall on your walk to the shops/theatre (although the view into Queen Street Station is great, too!).


I’m not normally a big fan of this site, but I recently found some great stuff there about Glasgow.  If you follow these links and then watch the videos, I think you may enjoy them.  Don’t forget to make sure your speakers/headphones are on to enjoy the music, too.  I’ve put some of these into the Areas link as well.

Bud Neill’s poem   -  PERISHIN’ POEM


Winter’s came, the snow has fell
Wee Josie’s nose is froze as well
Wee Josie’s froziz nose is skintit
……..Winter’s diabolic, intit?


Bud Neill was probably most famous for his cartoons featuring the Sheriff of Calton Creek, Lobey Dosser and his arch enemy Rank Bajin.  A statue of Lobey and his faithful two-legged horse, El Fideldo was commissioned by the Park Bar and clientele in his honour.  This link will take you to a Lobey Dosser website.





Lobey Dosser

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Text Box: Like many West of Scotland families, some of my ancestors lived in the Gorbals area of Glasgow.  Although the area is now known as the ‘New Gorbals’, many still remember it as a bustling, cosmopolitan place, where the people were generally poor and the homes sub-standard, but where they spent happy times.  Perhaps time softens the harder edges of memories.  Remind yourselves of the Gorbals as it was by visiting the Virtual Mitchell.  

… and then have a look at some recent pictures of the (New) Gorbals below.

Virtual Mitchell

Text Box: Left :- This was the Hutchesontown Public Library.   It stands in McNeil Street. 
Text Box: St. Francis’ RC Church.  A beautiful building inside and out has survived the mass demolition of the 50s and 60s and still stands head and shoulders above most of the new-build following the latest removal of some of the towers meant to provide ‘high living’.  Now known as the St. Francis Centre.
Text Box: Right:-The sculpture can be seen against a background of some of the new housing.  It represents  the immigrants who came to the area, created by Kenny Hunter and erected in 2004.  
Text Box: To find out more, here are two websites to visit.  First, the excellent site about all Glasgow Sculptures and Statuary

Secondly, a walk through the Gorbals and Glasgow Green, with pictures.

Glasgow Sculpture ,

Glasgow Green and Gorbals Walk ,

Text Box: It recreates a famous photograph taken by Oscar Marzaroli in 1963, entitled ‘Children on Street’, playing with their mothers high-heel shoes!
Text Box: This sculpture is by Liz Peden, a local artist. More info:-

New Gorbals Sculpture

Text Box: The Central Hotel at Central Station is now being refurbished and will re-open soon as the ‘Grand Central’ hotel.   
Central Station was built by the Caledonian Railway and opened on 1st August 1879,  built on the site of the village of Grahamston, of which now only two buildings remain.  The Central Hotel opened in 1883.  Both station and hotel were added to between 1901-06.  It was from here, in 1927, John Logie Baird sent the first ever long-distance picture transmission.  Years later Roy Rodgers rode Trigger up the large staircase.  The famous Malmaison restaurant was situated in the Central.  The hotel and station, with it’s iron and glass canopy and corner tower is a landmark in the city and will hopefully flourish once more, after years of being in less than ideal condition.

Glasgow Central Hotel