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The QE2 and John Brown’s

The QE2 returned to the Clyde for her 40th birthday in September 2007.  This is an archive of information about the ship and the yard that built her, supplied by Glasgow University Archives.


The QE2 made her last visit to the Clyde in October 2008 and will now become a floating hotel in Dubai.  Here is the Herald’s tribute to her:- (when you reach the site, click on it to start the slideshow)


www.gla.ac.uk/services/archives/qe2/ ,

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Glasgow’s Underground Railway (1)

This is a fairly technical view of the Glasgow Undeground in the 1930s by Michael J. Irlam.  There are lots of other pages to visit concerning Railways of the 1930s, but this link will open on the Glasgow Underground page.

mikes.railhistory.railfan.net/r048.html ,

Glasgow Central Station

James Howie looks at Glasgow Central past and present.

www.jhowie.force9.co.uk/glasgowcentral.htm ,

Queen Street Station

James Howie looks at Glasgow Queen Street Station then and now.

www.jhowie.force9.co.uk/queenstreet.html ,

Glasgow Transport Badges

Tons of information on this site about Glasgow Transport badges, uniforms and miscellany related to trams, buses and the subway, past and present , in Glasgow.  Also, lots of links to sites about transport.

//glasgowtransport.co.uk/ ,


The Clyde made Glasgow and Glasgow made the Clyde’ - this site incorporates the ‘Clydeside Magazine’.  There are articles, archive pictures, lots about the history of the Clyde when Glasgow was a great shipping hub.

//www.clydesite.co.uk/articles/upperriver.asp ,

Glasgow’s Underground Railway (2)

This site gives a history of the Underground (or Subway) and is part of the SPT (Strathclyde Passenger Transport) site.  There are great pictures of the old trains and stations and lots of information on just about anything you might want to know about the Subway.

www.spt.co.uk/subway/history.html ,

Shipping Times

The Clydebuilt database is a cornucopia of information about individual vessels built on the Clyde, with photographs where available and everything pertinent to that ship, including its owners and history.  There’s lots more info, too, relating to ships built on the Clyde.

//www.clydesite.co.uk/clydebuilt/index.asp ,

Glasgow Transport History

This is mainly buses and is actually more about London Transport, but this link takes you to the section on Glasgow Transport.  There is another page devoted to Glasgow Transport, so I will include that link also, or you can find it yourself by going back to the index page and following through the History thread.

//www.yellins.co.uk/transporthistory/bus2/glasgow.html Page 1

//www.yellins.co.uk/transporthistory/bus6/glasgow2.html Page 2

Corporation of Glasgow Transport

John Semple and Alice Cormack both worked for Glasgow Corporation Transport and their webpages are a feast of information on buses, trolleybuses (the silent death!) and trams.  There are also maps of routes.  Click on the link for Glasgow Corporation transport and then explore the various links for the information and history and lots of great pictures.


www2.newsquest.co.uk/scotland/pdf/Slideshows/071008QE2_SS/index.html ,

The Queen Mary

We mustn’t forget the beautiful ship, the Queen Mary, also built by John Brown’s in Clydebank.  She is now a floating hotel in Long Beach, California.  Don’t forget to explore the history and restoration parts of the website and there is loads more too!


The Clyde Tunnel  - Hold your breath!

The Clyde Tunnel—On this site you will find historical facts about the tunnel, results of our design questionnaires, interviews with the tunnel master and one of the original engineers. As well as the public responses, and updates on community involvement.



Clyde St Bus Stance

This photo is from the Robert Grieves archive at the Scottish Motor Museum Trust

The Scottish Motor Museum Trust

Did you know they used to build cars near Loch Lomond?  The building was once the largest car factory in the world, but it does not look like a factory..  It is now a museum (it may be closed at the moment), but this site will demonstrate their commitment and what is available when the museum is open.  They very kindly allowed me to use the photo from their collection for this page.


The Bennie Railplane

Stretching the Glasgow boundary a bit on this one, but I felt it worth including as a footnote on what our transport could have looked like, if this project had been developed.   The Railplane was the brainchild of George Bennie and a prototype was built and tested over part of the existing railway line in Milngavie in the 1930s.  People came from miles around to see it.  It was decided that this was not the future of transport and virtually nothing remains of it now.

When you have opened this link, note the other useful links at the bottom of the page, where you will see photographs and read more about it.


Anderson’s Garage


The history of Anderson’s Garage in Newton Mearns, by the Mearns History Group.